A cyclist has been given a chance to test out a digital scales that can weigh bikes on the same scale as an actual bike.

Key points:The scale weighs in at a staggering 7 kilograms (14 pounds)The device is made by Peloton, the digital marketing firm that helped to pioneer the metric systemIn the video, a man weighs his bike at a speed of 5.5km per hour on a bike scale, and it’s clear that the device is the most powerful machine on the market.

“We’ve just had a couple of people tell us that they’ve been using the scales to weigh bikes for years, so we’re very excited to have the opportunity to help,” said Paul Smith, CEO of Peloton.

“This is a real step forward in measuring the strength of a bike.”

Mr Smith said the scales were created in partnership with digital marketing company Peloton and were being offered to consumers by the US retailer Giant.

The scales are designed to weigh your bike with accuracy, while also allowing you to control how much you weigh.

The machine can weigh up to 7kg (14.5 pounds) and has a range of speeds from 5.7km per h to 5.3km per hr, depending on your weight and the speed you’re pedalling.

The scale is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, which makes it suitable for use in urban settings where a power meter might be more practical.

Mr Smith was able to put the scale through the tests in an outdoor test area at the end of last month, using the scale for the first time.

“The scales work really well in outdoor conditions, where you don’t have to be in full sunlight to get a real accurate reading,” he said.

“They can be used indoors in dark or dark light conditions, and the range of temperatures are just perfect for measuring temperature.”

The scale has a battery, and will be available to the public soon.

It’s not just cyclists that are using the machines, but anyone with a laptop, smartphone or tablet can use them to test their bike’s weight and other vital details.

Mr Williams said that the scale was a perfect fit for anyone who wants to weigh their bike in real-time.

“If you’re a bike commuter, or a commuter who likes to cycle, then the Peloton scales are the perfect solution,” he added.

“You don’t need to be the fastest cyclist around the block, you just need to know how much weight you are carrying.”

For any cyclist, the scales will be invaluable in helping you to maintain a safe and healthy body weight.

“To read more about cycling and weight, go to our cycling page.

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