The Dell Digital Locker app for iOS and Android is a service that will let users store digital photos and videos for offline viewing, but it’s not the first digital locker app that Dell is making available.

In addition to the Dell digital locker, Dell also recently launched the Dell Digital Locker for Android and the Dell Locker with iOS, which will give users access to the service’s cloud-based photo storage, as well as the ability to view photos stored on the device.

Dell is also developing its own digital locker service for Windows 10, according to Recode.

Both the Dell and Dell Digital locker services will be free for existing users and will come to a Windows 10 device later this year.

While the service is still in early development, the company says it will provide “faster and more secure” storage options for existing customers.

Dell DigitalLocker is still under development and will have an initial release in March 2019.

Dell has previously announced plans to release an iOS app for storing digital photos, but the company has not released any details about when that app will be released.

We asked Dell to confirm the timing of the new digital locker.