President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday aimed at reversing the Obama administration’s controversial decision to roll back protections for transgender students, as well as other protections for women and minorities.

Trump’s order directed the Department of Education to review all existing Title IX guidance and guidance on sexual assault and harassment and take any necessary action to undo Obama-era regulations that have been widely criticized.

The move comes amid the ongoing investigations into sexual assault allegations against Trump and his family members.

The order also directs the Education Department to study Title IX regulations and the Office for Civil Rights’ guidance on gender identity.

The Office for Victims of Crime will also be required to review Title IX and other sexual assault policies and ensure they are consistent with federal law.

In the days after Trump’s inauguration, the Trump administration rolled back a series of Obama-appointed rules that were designed to ensure a safe campus environment for students and employees.

The orders included a series that required universities to set up special restrooms for students with disabilities and transgender students who use the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity, and the elimination of federal protections for victims of rape and sexual assault.

Trump also rescinded guidance issued by the Department in May that had called on colleges and universities to “identify the specific barriers to sexual violence, including sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender expression, disability, and protected veteran status.”