An article in the Economic Times, which was translated into English by the Indian government-run Indian Express, suggests that the next step for digitalisation is for the Indian economy to become more and more reliant on the digital economy.

The article, written by Shubhudh Goyal and titled Digitalisation of the economy will be the next phase of India’s economic evolution, reads, “India’s GDP will grow by 10-15% in the coming five years.

This will be followed by a period of digitisation, as digitalisation becomes a way of life for millions of people across the country.”

Goyal further writes, “This digitalisation will be an extension of the economic transformation initiated by the Narendra Modi government.

It will not be the end of economic transformation and the process of digitization will not end with the 2019-20 financial year.

But the next stage of digitizing the economy in India will be to start digitising the business sector as well.”

He further says, “The next phase will be for the digitalisation of industries.

It is not only the digitisation of businesses.

It also means the digitization of the whole economy.”

Gootal said the idea is to make the economy more digital and inclusive.

He said: “Digitalisation will enable the economy to reach more and better people.

It should also allow for a seamless, seamless, and transparent economy.

The digitisation will give a boost to the economy.”

He also said, “It is not about a particular technology, but it is about a better business environment for everybody.

And this will be a key driver in creating a new economy.”

The article has been translated into Hindi by the National Institute of Technology and Research (NITR) and is available for download here.

The Economic Times has been contacted for comment.