Adobe is announcing a new beta version of the browser for Macs and PCs that will let you stream video and photos on a variety of devices.

It’s the first time the company has made this feature available to users outside of the Mac OS X operating system. 

According to Adobe, the beta will be available in early March for Mac and Windows users, and the company is working on a release for the iPad and Android devices.

It will support 4K video on Apple TVs and tablets, and supports the most popular video and photo apps, including Instagram, Vine, and Facebook. 

As for the feature itself, Adobe says it will let users stream videos and photos directly from their Macs or PCs. 

“Streaming video and images to your mobile devices is a new and exciting way to get great quality photos and videos without having to go through the tedious process of manually uploading or editing files.

We have created an Adobe beta program to let you take advantage of the latest features and services on your Mac and PC,” said Adriana Varela, Creative Director of Adobe.”

Stream your favorite videos, photos, and games on the go with Adobe’s cloud video service, which allows you to create and share unlimited videos and share them to the web.

For those who are on a tight budget, there’s a $0.99 monthly subscription for up to four months.”

The beta is the latest in a long line of changes Adobe has made to its browser.

Last month, the company released a beta version for Chrome OS, which includes more functionality for users with disabilities.

And earlier this year, Adobe added the ability to download videos and pictures from third-party sites, and even allow users to share them directly from the web using a new Chrome extension.

The beta program is available for all users, though it will not be accessible to users who have a Mac or Windows device.

Users who want to test the beta can sign up for the beta by visiting the Adobe website and downloading the Adobe Cloud Video app.

The app will automatically install on a Mac, Windows, or Chromebook.

Once installed, the app will let the user stream their video or photos from their computer. 

Users can access the app from the desktop, or they can launch it from the Apple TV, Apple TV Remote, or Apple TV app.

Adobe says that users can download the beta app directly from Apple or Google Play.

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