Digital blasphemy is the act of uploading objectionable content to social media platforms without the permission of the copyright holder, and often happens online.

The act has been described as “digital blasphemy” by the Digital Rights Group, which has urged the government to tackle the problem.

The government is also working to stamp out the practice, which it claims is “a scourge”.

Digital blasphemy has been identified by the group as a threat to free speech and has led to a series of cases across the country.

The groups Digital Crimes Unit and Digital Rights India are working together to combat the phenomenon, including with the launch of a new platform for people to report digital blasphemy.

Digital blasphemy comes at a time when the country is also facing an epidemic of fake news.

The Indian media have been accused of not keeping up with the times and creating fake news stories, and there are fears that fake news will spread to the social media platform that is critical to the country’s economic development.

Digital crimes unit director and former Indian ambassador to the US Pramod Prakash said the government should “work with the private sector to combat digital blasphemy”.

“The government has a responsibility to work with the corporates to fight digital blasphemy and ensure that citizens are not duped,” he said.

“We want to make it clear that we have not only a law to fight fake news, but also an enforcement mechanism to ensure that no one is duped by the online media.”

The Digital Crimes unit’s research and action plan is to tackle digital blasphemy in various ways.

The team will explore ways to ensure citizens are notified about the offence of “digital blasphemous content” and work to ensure offenders are not exposed to social network platforms.

The Digital Rights group is also taking a call on the government, as well as the private and public sector to work together to fight the issue.

The group has launched a new website for people who want to report fake news and fake content.

“The fact that we are doing this and it is happening in India is proof that there is a need for such a law,” Prakashing said.

The minister’s office declined to comment on the issue when contacted by The Times.

The Prime Minister’s Office did not respond to a request for comment.

A crackdown on digital blasphemy has taken place across India, with the government banning or restricting the distribution of content that is not approved by the copyright owner, and the government recently launched a digital census, aimed at identifying the content that needs to be removed from social media.

The new platform is being developed with the help of the Indian Council of Information Technology (ICIT), a non-profit organisation that has been working to fight “fake news” and “fake media” for more than a decade.

ICIT was set up in 2017, after a similar platform was shut down by the government.

It aims to collect and publish data on “fake and fake news”, including from all parts of the country, and publish it online.

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