Digital marketing jobs are expected to double by 2025, with the number of digital jobs forecast to more than triple by 2026, according to new estimates from the digital marketing jobs agency Digital Multimeter.

This will require an overhaul of many aspects of the business model, according the firm.

The firm, which represents more than 1,000 job centres across the globe, has released its annual report on the digital economy and its impact on the employment landscape.

Its findings have a major impact on companies’ decisions about whether to invest in new digital businesses, which is why it has been urging businesses to be ready for the shift.

The report notes that digital jobs are now growing at a rate of more than 200% a year.

While the jobs market is still struggling to recover from the financial crisis, the report warns that the economy is already becoming more competitive, with companies increasingly looking for more digital jobs in order to boost their productivity.

According to Digital Multimedia’s research, digital jobs were created in the last two years at a pace of about 10,000 a year, but the company believes that the number is likely to grow even faster.

The jobs boom in the digital sector is largely attributed to the growth of e-commerce and digital media companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which have been able to tap into an ever-growing number of potential users and customers.

Digital jobs are also expected to grow at a faster pace in emerging economies such as India, China, Brazil and Southeast Asia.

In India, the job market is expected to have more than doubled by 2025 to more then 3.5 million jobs, while the number in China is expected increase by another 200,000 jobs to 5.6 million by 2025.

In China, Digital Multiemas forecasts that digital job growth is set to triple from 3.3 million to 15 million by 2023.

“The number of job seekers in China will more than double by 2027,” the report notes.

“We expect that this number will rise to more as more jobs are created in China, India and other emerging economies.”

Digital Multimeters report is available in full here.