Digital scrapbooks are a great way to collect old photos and videos that you’ve never posted online before.

But you need a digital camera and a scanner.

Here’s how.1.

Scan your photo digitally.1) Scan your digital photos and video files in the Camera app, then scan in each frame with the “scanner” app.

This will create a digital scrap book.2) Open the scrap book in the Scanner app and choose the appropriate file for your photo or video.3) Tap the “Add to Library” button in the scanner app to create a scrap book, then save it to your computer or USB drive.4.

Upload your scrapbook to the digital scrap library.5.

Use the app to scan in your photos or videos again.6.

You can also upload digital photos to Facebook or Instagram.7.

You’ll have your digital scrap books ready to share and enjoy with your friends, family, or even your dog.8.

You don’t need to worry about loss or copyright protection when you share your digital photo scrapbook.

You won’t need the original files to create your scrapbooks.9.

You have the option to share your scrap books with the public via social media, Pinterest, and other social platforms.10.

You could also make your scrap book a digital video record of your adventures in the wilderness or on the road.11.

And you can even share the scrapbook on Facebook.