Digital Storm PC, the company behind the digital card and online banking products for RBS, says it will begin offering the digital key for the new card at its retail stores this week.

Digital Storm PC says it is introducing the digital keys on the first day of retail availability in April, and the company has not specified the retail store locations.

DigitalStormPC said in a statement it will “continue to provide customers with the highest quality digital access to the digital product”.

The key will be a physical card, with the logo of Digital Storm attached, which will include a physical keypad and a micro USB connector.

Digital storm pc said it is “working closely” with retailers to provide “the most secure and secure digital access experience”.

The company said it was introducing the key on the day that the new cards went on sale to retailers and is “currently testing and finalising the details with retail partners”.

“We are committed to providing customers with a digital card that is as high-quality and secure as possible.

Customers should note that the keypad is the same as the digital edition, and there will be no change to the key size or location,” DigitalStormpc said.

Digitalstormpc said it will start selling the keycard at retail stores and will provide customers “full access to digital access and to access to all digital products”.

DigitalStormpc added that it was “working with retailers and card partners to ensure that digital access remains secure”.

The card will be available to new customers at retailers on the second and third day of the launch.

Digital stormspc said the digital cards would be available at all retail locations, with retail locations being able to choose between the digital and physical keypads.

Digital card company DigitalStormPC launched a digital key at RBS on Monday, but the company said the key will only be available in retail stores in the first three weeks of April.RBS says the digital version of its digital card will start shipping to new and existing customers on April 24.

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