1.6 million digital downloads, including movie rentals, TV shows, music and other digital content, as well as new video streaming services and apps, for December from Amazon Digital, a new company that has been trying to catch up with the traditional pay TV providers.

2.5 million digital purchases for movies, TV, music, games, and other video content, and 2.1 million digital sales of digital music, TV content, game apps and games, were part of December’s top 25 titles.

The January digital download chart shows a slight uptick for films, but the January-December sales are still well below last year.

Amazon Digital has about 30 percent of all digital sales and has a much larger user base than most pay TV companies.

Its revenue from subscriptions was $4.1 billion in the December quarter, and its subscription base has more than doubled since the end of 2016.

3.2 million video purchases, including streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and Amazon Video, were the top 25 video purchases in December.

Amazon Video had the most popular titles, with more than 1.2 billion video downloads, a 12 percent increase from last year, while Netflix had 1.3 billion video sales, up from a 1.1-billion mark in 2016.

Netflix is a subscription service, and Netflix is often offered for free, but users pay a monthly fee to stream.

Amazon Prime Video has the highest number of video downloads and subscriptions at 1.9 billion video purchases and 1.4 billion video subscriptions, a 9 percent jump from last month.

Amazon Instant Video had 1 billion video streams and a 7 percent increase in video sales over December 2016.

Amazon has the largest library of movies on Amazon, with 1.45 billion titles in its catalog, more than any other digital service.

4.5 billion movies were downloaded for the year, a 4 percent increase over 2016.

There were 5.1 movie titles in the top 250 movie titles for the December 2016 top 25 movies, a jump of 19 percent from last December.

Movies that were released in 2017 had an average of 6.3 million views on YouTube.

The top five movies for the month were The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fifty Shades Darker, Finding Dory, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Deadpool.

The film industry is experiencing its biggest year in history.

Movies accounted for $1.1 trillion in sales, or nearly 3 percent of total revenue.

5.6 billion movies streamed on YouTube in December, up 16 percent from 2016.

Streaming on Amazon Instant video accounts for about 20 percent of Netflix’s monthly revenue, up 10 percent from the previous year.

7.2 movies were streamed on Hulu for the first time, up 14 percent from 2017.

Hulu also had a year-over-year increase in its ad revenue, from $2.2 to $2 a month.

The streaming service has added about 1 million new subscribers since its launch in October.

8.3 movies were watched on Netflix Instant Video, up 7 percent from previous year and up 15 percent from Netflix’s 2017 total.

Hulu has also added about 200,000 new subscribers to its subscriber base.

Hulu, which also owns Amazon Video and Vimeo, had 2.3 times the total number of subscribers for 2017 as it did last year (1.6).

9.9 movies were rented on Vudu, a streaming video service that has had a strong year.

The rental industry is in its fourth year of growth.

9.4 million movies were viewed on Netflix Prime Video, down 4 percent from this time last year and down 6 percent from Amazon Video.

Amazon still has the biggest library of movie titles on the service with more 2.8 million titles.

10.9 million movies downloaded on Hulu, up 6 percent, and 5.9 percent more were rented to Vudus members.

Vududus has added 3 million members since its debut in October 2016.

Hulu Plus has about 5.4 percent of Hulu Plus subscribers.

11.1.9 Movies streamed on Amazon Video are in the number one spot with 4.2 percent of streaming video downloads in December 2016, up 5 percent from December last year when the average movie was watched 3.8 times a week.

Movies with multiple releases are in second place, with about 2.4 times as many movies as last year’s top two titles, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Wonder Woman.

12.1 Movies were streamed to Vodafone, a subscription video service, with 6.4 per cent of the company’s total video traffic.

Netflix had the largest video traffic with about 1.7 million video subscribers, but Vodacom had a slightly larger subscriber base than Netflix.

13.3.9 Netflix added 1.5.1 of its 2.2.1,000,000 video subscribers to VOD, a drop of about 1,200 subscribers.

Netflix has a strong

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