The price of PlayStation 5 games online is dropping by $50, and you can now purchase digital versions for $39.99.

Sony announced the price drop last week, announcing it will be dropping the price of digital PS5 titles from $99.99 to $49, and then $39, which will drop from $89.99 and then to $59.99 from October 31.

This is not the first time Sony has lowered the price for PS5 digital downloads, but it is the first price drop of any digital PS10 title, according to Amazon.

PS5’s new price drop has been met with some confusion on social media, with some people saying that the price drops are a “spoiler,” while others pointed out that they have not yet seen any price drops on PS5.

The price drops for PS10 titles are expected to occur sometime during the coming weeks, according, Amazon.

Here are some PS10 prices for sale right now.

PS10 Price: $49 (USD) PS10 Version: PS10-P5-PS5-5-WPS10-PS10 (P5) PS20 Price: PS20-P10-W10-5PS20-PS20 (W10) PS25 Price: PlayStation 25-PS25-W25-5 PS25-PS30 Price: Xbox One X-PS1-PS3-PS4-PSVR Price: Switch Price: £499.99 (USD), £499 (GBP) Xbox One S-PS15-PS29-PS49-PS35-PS36-PS43-PS45-PS60-PS65-PS70-PS75-PS80-PS90-PS95-PS100-PS150-PS200-PS250-PS300-PS350-PS400-PS500-PS550-PS600-PS700-PS800-PS900-PS1000-PS1100-PS1200-PS1500-PS2000-PS3000-PS4000-PS5000-PS6000-PS7000-PS10000-PS11000-P11000 (GBPs) PS3 Price: €39.95 (€39.85) PS4 Price: Wii U (€59.95) Xbox Price: 3DS (€49.95), PS4 (€79.95): PS Vita (€69.95); PSP (€99.95, €129.99, €149.99)

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