A 3-year-old girl has won $1 million in a sweepstakes for her first day at Walmart, and she’s not alone.

She also won a $500 gift card.

The winner is 5-year old Aiden, who won the $500 prize from the Walmart Family of Stores Giveaway.

Aiden’s father, Matt, posted on Facebook about his daughter’s win.

“The winner is Aiden and he won.

I just had a few minutes to talk to him and thank him for everything,” he wrote.

“Aiden has been through so much and it’s nice to finally get to share some of her adventures with her dad.

This was a great gift for all of us at Walmart.

Thank you so much!”

Matt added, “Aiden will have a lot of fun with her new friends and she loves it!”

Aiden and her father were the top 3 contestants in the Walmart Giveaway for their first day.

Matt’s daughter won, and her family got to visit her father at the mall.

The family was at the store for a week, but they returned to visit Aiden.

The family spent time together in a lotus position.

Aiden had her favorite toy, a stuffed bear.

A dad was also impressed with her dexterity.

Matt said, “She had a lot going on during the trip.

She was very excited to get to visit our house and she loved to play fetch with us and the toys she got from her dad.”

Matt said his daughter is already a big fan of Walmart.

He said she’s been very excited about getting to shop for her favorite brands.

“A few weeks ago, we were in Walmart and our daughter said she wanted to try something new at Walmart and she ended up taking the whole thing,” he said.

Matt posted on his Facebook page about his excitement for his daughter.

“We were going to spend the whole day shopping at Walmart with her but after a while, we got tired of the endless lines, the long lines, and the long hours,” he added.

“Our daughter just loves shopping at a Walmart.

We thought she would be so excited to try everything there and it turned out to be true.

She really enjoyed her first trip to Walmart and we have no regrets about going there.

She is so excited for the future and we can’t wait to see what she’ll be shopping for in the future!”