Digital gift card orders are now up over $100 per card in value, up over 4% in value since the last time I looked, according to CoinDesk.

The Amazon digital order market has increased by 5% to $13,000 per card, while Amazon Digital order volume has increased nearly 20%.

Digital order volume is the number of digital orders sold through during the first three weeks of 2017.

This is up from $8,000 in the last quarter of 2016.

The volume of digital order volume for increased by nearly 3%, and for Amazon Digital orders, grew by almost 1% over the last three quarters.

The biggest winners in the digital order world are Amazon Digital, which now has a $15,000 annual market cap, according a CoinDesk report.

The company also saw its market cap increase by almost 2% to an estimated $38.5 billion, as of the end of January.

The other major winners are Digital Playground, Amazon Digital Rewards, and Amazon’s own Digital Cloud, which has increased the amount of money that you can spend on digital content by more than 1,000%.

Amazon is also making moves into other areas of digital content.

Amazon Digital is now accepting digital gift card purchases in its Prime Instant Video streaming service.

Amazon is also offering its own online subscription service, called Prime Music, which lets customers buy digital music, albums, and other music.

The other major players in the new business are Digital Cloud and Amazon Digital Downloads.

Amazon and Digital Cloud are two separate companies that are selling digital downloads.

Amazon has made a number of acquisitions to acquire smaller competitors, such as the streaming music service Pandora and online video site Hulu.