I had to see one before I could even think of buying one. 

As you can see from my photos above, I’m wearing a digital camera on my left hand, and a digital twin on my right. 

The Roland Digital Piano is my first digital camera to use a scale. 

My friend Rob was the one who got me started on the digital scale.

I have a great deal of respect for the original Roland model, which he designed in the 1950s and 1960s. 

When I was a kid, I used to watch my parents do the same with their digital cameras. 

Rob and I used the same Roland scale, and I can’t imagine ever needing a digital scale again. 

I bought the Rolands digital twin and digital scale a few years ago, and am now enjoying them. 

They are a great value. 

With this digital twin, the Roeland digital scale and digital piano will never be more than a phone call away. 

Digital twins are not for everyone. 

If you are looking for a digital piano to play with, the digital twin will probably be the better option. 

But if you want a digital instrument, the model below will satisfy you. 

It is not just the size, either. 

There are four buttons to choose from. 

You can even switch between different sounds, and the digital model will be set to play the sounds when you press a button. 

This is one of the great features of the digital piano. 

All the controls are at your fingertips, and it is easy to play. 

These digital pianos are so well made that it is hard to beat for the price. 

In the photos below, I can see that the digital twins are the only digital instruments I have ever had to repair. 

And the Rolanders are a pleasure to play, too. 

Just be careful, you might need a new set of strings, and maybe you’ll need to buy a new digital scale, but that is just my opinion. 

Have a great day!