In the run up to Brexit, the UK government has released a digital currency investment fund.

The fund will be run by digital currency company Vicks, which is hoping to raise £2 billion ($3.4bn) to develop digital currencies like bitcoin and litecoin.

But the fund is still a ways off.

Vicks founder Adam Back told Business Insider: “We are really excited about this opportunity and we are looking forward to getting started.”

What you need to know about the digital currency debate: Read more Vicks is aiming to raise about £2.5bn ($3bn) in a new venture called Digital Currency Fund Limited (DCF) in order to fund the creation of a new digital currency called litecoins.

This new currency will be created by creating a series of virtual tokens and distributed by banks and other financial institutions.

The tokens will be issued through the digital wallet of the fund, which Back said will be able to offer a “frictionless, instant, and secure transaction experience” for the fund.

Back said that DCF will allow digital currencies to be used as a payment service for consumers.

“We have a great opportunity to be the gatekeeper for digital currency transactions, and to be a gatekeeper to be able give people the choice of where to buy or sell digital currency,” he said.

He said the fund will provide the opportunity for users to “experience a more secure and transparent transaction, which we believe will help them make informed decisions about their investment.”

It is unclear how much of the money DCF intends to invest in digital currencies. “

This investment represents an investment opportunity for Vicks’ investors to own a global portfolio of digital assets that will be used by consumers, merchants, and institutions.”

It is unclear how much of the money DCF intends to invest in digital currencies.

The Digital Currency Investment Fund Limited was launched on September 21, 2017.

The new fund will not be the only one to attempt to fund bitcoin and other digital currencies in the future.

Digital Asset Holdings, an investment fund backed by bitcoin investors, also plans to launch a new investment fund in the coming months.

The firm said that it intends to fund a digital asset fund by combining investment funds, including bitcoin, with traditional investment strategies.

The company said that the digital asset funds will include “digital currency options, like bitcoin futures, digital asset futures, and other derivatives.”