Digital thermometers are already the standard for measuring temperature in the home, but one Australian company has created a device that is far from normal.

Digital thermometers have come under fire for their bizarre faces and weird, robotic, digital look.

The company behind the device has come under heavy criticism from customers who claim they can’t tell the difference between the temperature on the face and that on the thermometer.

In a statement, Digital Thermometers Australia said its design is “perfectly acceptable” to the Australian Consumer Law, which states that electronic products must be “free from deception and misdirection”.

“The Digital Thermonometer is designed to provide a convenient and reliable measurement of temperature on a variety of electronic devices including but not limited to electronic devices, tablets, mobile phones and wearable devices,” it said.

“While the design is completely compliant with Australian consumer law, some customers have expressed concerns about the design and feel that the design of the Digital Thermo is inappropriate.”

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is investigating the claims, but the company said it was not taking the complaints seriously.

It added that the company was aware of other manufacturers that have created digital thermometers.

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