Digital scale and digital literacy are the three skills needed for digital businesses to be successful, according to the Digital Literacy Alliance.

The group, which works on digital education and digital technology, released its digital literacy and digital scale rankings for 2018.

The Digital Literate initiative was launched in 2018 and aims to bring digital literacy to more people.

The Alliance says digital literacy is the skill set required for digital enterprises to compete in the digital world.

The top 10 digital literacy skills include: being able to quickly navigate the digital environment, understanding the needs of businesses and consumers, understanding customer service, using an API, using a web-based application, understanding user experience and being able do it yourself.

The digital literacy ranking is based on data from a survey of 2,000 digital literacy professionals across 25 countries.

Digital literacy also includes the skills required to design, build and operate a digital business, as well as being able apply the digital literacy principles to the way businesses interact with customers and customers with their digital products.

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