Amazon’s Alexa and Amazon Echo are coming to the Echo and Dot.

Both are Amazon’s new smart speakers with built-in speakers, both have a new camera with built in image recognition, and both can access the Amazon cloud via the Echo Dot’s web browser.

The Echo Dot will have Alexa and Alexa Dot smart speakers, while the Echo Show will also have the Alexa Dot, Alexa voice assistant, and Alexa Smart Camera.

Both smart speakers have a 4.8-inch 1080p touchscreen, a 1.8GHz dual-core processor, and a 5 megapixel camera.

The Alexa Dot will support the new Amazon Alexa Dot app, which can take selfies and voice commands for users, while Alexa will be able to record video.

Amazon says the Echo will also include Alexa Dot camera, which will be capable of taking pictures of objects with Alexa and send those photos to users via a web browser, and Amazon’s app for controlling the Echo device with voice commands.

The Dot also has a speaker-based remote, which is more than a little similar to Apple’s Siri, which you can use to turn on your TV, open your laptop, or play music.

The Amazon Echo Show is set to arrive in June with a 5-inch 4K screen and a 3,000mAh battery.

Amazon has also said that Alexa will also come with its own smart home hub, which may include a hub that can connect to a smart home system.

Both Alexa speakers are $129, with the Echo in July.

The next big thing: Alexa speaker, Alexa smart camera, and new Alexa smart hub.