AUSTRALIAN author Alice M. Thomas, who has won over 1.5 million readers and is a bestselling author in Australia, has told her story to an audience of journalists at the Sydney Book Awards.

Alice M. Scholes, author of the award-winning memoir The Longest Walk and co-founder of the popular Australian Women’s Books Group, speaks to the media outside the Sydney Writers Festival on Saturday.

Key points: Alice M Scholes says she was kicked out from her bookshop for “insubordination” Alice M, who is also the co-creator of the Australian Women on Books group, has previously written about her experience of being denied access to her publisher Alice M., Alice’s sister, told reporters outside the awards.

“I am absolutely devastated and disappointed, because this is my daughter and my sister, I am the only one who knows what happened to me,” Ms Thomas told reporters.

“My story is not over and I want people to know that, I want them to see that, my story is still out there.”

Alice M, the author of The Longer Walk, said she was told she was no longer welcome in her bookseller after she started writing her autobiography and was kicked off in November.

“I was just told to go back to the store, go back and sit at the counter, get my books, and then they kicked me out,” Ms Scholes said.

Ms Scholes described the experience as “insulting” and said it was not the first time she had been denied access.

“It was a big shock, I had never been kicked out in the bookshop before, I hadn’t even met them, I was a new author, it was like a huge slap in the face,” Ms M said.

“There was no reason for it, it didn’t make sense.”

But I was just so shocked, I thought: ‘What the f*** are you doing?’

“Alice M said she had received death threats over the book’s publication and was told by police she could not publish.”

That’s why I wrote the book, to tell my story and I was told I would be arrested and sent to prison, that was it,” she said.

Ms Schores, who lives in New South Wales, is a member of the Sydney Women Writers Group.

The group is an initiative of the Writers Union, which aims to support and empower writers in the community.

In her book, Alice M writes about her experiences as an Australian bookseller and author.”

This is my story, this is what it is like to be an Australian author and to have to be kicked out for not being Australian enough,” Ms Phones, who also co-founded the Australian Writers on Books Group in 2005, said.’

I’ve had a really hard time accepting it’Alice M was kicked from her publisher in March and had her book withdrawn from sale.”

She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and she was just like a princess in my bookshop,” Alice said.

The bookshop is located in a suburb of Sydney’s outer north, with staff members and customers sharing a small area.

But Alice M said that her experience was not unusual, and that many booksellers have faced similar difficulties.”

Some of them were very upset and felt that they had no control, that they were the ones that were in charge, so they were just going to kick them out,” Alice M told ABC Radio Sydney.”

The fact that they would come to me, to my publisher, and say: ‘We’re going to do this to you, we’re going do this,’ was shocking to me.

“Alice’s bookshop experience came to a head in February, when Alice was denied entry to her bookseller in Victoria, and later kicked out the following day.”

They were actually at the point where I was about to go home and say, ‘Oh my God, I have been kicked,’ but then they said to me: ‘You’ve been kicked and we’re kicking you back’,” Alice said, referring to the booksellor’s manager.”

And I was like: ‘Oh, my God.

What do you mean we’re not going to keep you?’

And she was like, ‘You’re not coming back to us because you’re not Australian enough.’

“Alice said she received death and rape threats in response to the incident.

She has since written the book and published it in the US.

‘The book is over’Alice said her publisher was “in no hurry” to reissue the book but was prepared to offer it to other booksellors who were interested in selling it.”

You’re going back to a publisher who’s going to give you the book you want,” Alice told ABC radio.”

So I’m looking forward to getting it back and having it out there

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