Google’s online shopping site,, is being criticized by some of its customers for selling digital products in its online stores.

In a statement published Tuesday, Amazon said that the Lego Digital Designer app for iPad was being offered as an exclusive with the company.

The app allows users to download and print digital files, such as designs for LEGO sets, for free.

“The app does not allow anyone to modify, print, sell or distribute these files in any way, shape or form,” Amazon said.

“While Lego did provide us with a free download of the app, we are unable to provide access to these files through our website because it has been removed.”

The app, however, allowed users to print out a physical version of the design.

“We have removed the Lego digital designer app from the Amazon Appstore because we do not agree with this approach and are disappointed that it has caused confusion and confusion for our customers,” Amazon’s statement said.

Some users were also upset about the Lego app’s offer of “Free Trial,” which was a promotional offer to consumers.

The “free trial” offers to “unlock additional features” in the app “while they wait for a full version of Lego Digital Design to arrive in the store.”

However, the “free” offer is not a true free trial.

If users sign up for the app and then cancel their membership, the app will still be able to unlock additional features.

“As a consumer, I am disappointed in the actions of Lego and the company that created the Lego apps, especially after I tried it for free, but Amazon’s app offers more features than the Lego store,” one user wrote in a post on Reddit.

“They offered a free trial to a limited number of users.

I paid for it and now my entire collection is missing.”

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