The trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront sequel Battlefront II shows a new character and a potential new villain.

The trailer also includes some new images of the game’s characters. 

The new character, a cyborg-like human named Captain Phasma, was shown to have some kind of device implanted into her, with the word “Phasma” being added to the end of the name.

The game’s title, Battlefront, is a reference to a game in which players were able to control characters, and Phasma appears to be a clone of Luke Skywalker, who first appeared in the prequel trilogy. 

A new villain, called The Vulture, is revealed to be the first antagonist, as well.

The Vultures’ mission in the game, as described by a character in the trailer, is to destroy the Resistance and eliminate the heroes.

The characters also have a new name, The Swarm, which is a pun on “swarms.”

It also bears a resemblance to The Swarm from the Star Wars movies, and is based on the movie’s concept art.

“We’ve always wanted to make sure that the player is getting a good experience, so we wanted to add in some new, more villainous characters,” a developer for EA Games told Polygon.

“We’ve seen a lot of fun with the villains from the past, but we wanted a new way to go, to add a new twist to the formula.” 

The game is scheduled to launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017, and Microsoft’s Xbox One X version is scheduled for 2020. 

Star Wars: The Battlefront is a new installment in the series that is set to take place in a universe where the Rebel Alliance has conquered most of the galaxy.

The new game’s story follows the character Rey as she and her crew of Rebel pilots take on the mysterious First Order in the Battle of Jakku. 

“Battlefront II” is expected to release in 2018.

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