The fake passport of a young Israeli couple was “fraudulent,” Israeli police have said.

The two Israeli teenagers were caught on surveillance video using fake passports to travel from Jerusalem to the West Bank and to a holiday resort in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon in July 2015.

On Monday, Israeli police said that the pair had paid a $1,000 fee for a fake passport.

They then bought a car and drove it to Jerusalem, where they rented a home in the Israeli city’s Old City, police said.

In the video, a woman can be seen walking to a parking lot and asking a man for a “mukesh,” a Hebrew word for “proof” that she is who she claims to be.

She then says she will give the man a passport for the trip and asks him to give her a number to call to verify the identity of the person.

After a few minutes, the man responds with a call to the hotel, and the couple drives to the airport.

The video shows the couple using a fake ID that was issued by Israel’s National Passport Service, which they claimed to have purchased on a “business” website.

The couple paid the $1.50 fee and drove to Ashkelah in the evening.

A week later, they returned to Jerusalem to get the passport.

The police said the two were “known to be involved in illegal activities.”

“The Israeli police is investigating the circumstances surrounding the purchase of a fake Israeli ID card, which was obtained from an online business website,” the police said in a statement.

The family has not commented publicly on the incident.

Police have previously said that fake passports can be used to get into Israel illegally, though not to travel there without a permit.

The Jerusalem Post is not naming the couple due to their age.

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