Kroger is introducing a digital coupon program to give customers more flexibility to shop online.

The company’s new digital coupons are available for purchase online at, Kroger’s digital shopping portal, and on the Kroger app.

Users can click on the digital coupons and then enter the code to get $1 off select items and free shipping.

The coupons can be redeemed for products, and Kroger will pay a 5% commission to merchants for each coupon redeemed.

The digital coupons can also be redeemed at participating stores in Kroger locations.

The program also comes after Kroger introduced a digital coupons program for its Prime Rewards program last year.

Kroger also announced a digital payment app for the Prime Rewards Program earlier this year.

Kroger’s new program is not available in all Kroger stores, but Kroger has partnered with online retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and eBay to offer the coupons.

Users can use the code in the Krogers app to get 10% off select grocery items, and the discount can be applied to the purchase of more than one item.

Users will need to enter the coupon code at the portal.