Google News’ answer to the question of ‘What does the US fake news debate mean?’, and the answers provided by Google News subscribers, have been revealed.

A Google News reader commented on a story about the FBI using Facebook’s Timeline as a database for domestic terrorism, and the results of Google News users’ comments:The story was published in March 2016 and was quickly picked up by the UK tabloids, and picked up on by mainstream media outlets in the US and around the world.

The Guardian newspaper reported in March 2017:The Guardian also reported in June 2017:Google News’ answers have now been released by Google, along with the full text of the article, to the wider public, along the same timeline as the article.

In a blog post, Google News chief executive Sheryl Sandberg, said: “This is a real opportunity to engage readers across all digital platforms, and to help answer the question, ‘what does this all mean?'”

Google News has published over 1.2 billion articles in the past six months.

The article also has a section that explains how Google News readers have voted, with comments from more than 1.4 million readers.

A search for the term ‘fake News’ on Google News results shows a massive response.

This post has been updated to reflect the release of Google’s responses to the UK newspaper article.

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