Google’s new digital watch is a smartwatch that takes the same design cues from its existing Peloton digital watch.

It also has a camera, and now it can record videos.

The new Peloton Digital Watch features a built-in speaker that plays sound and vibrations and a battery.

The watch is priced at $199, but you can buy it at Peloton for $199 (or about $200 more than the Peloton original Peloton Watch, which sold for $299).

The watch has a “digital heart rate monitor” that uses Bluetooth and accelerometer technology to detect the wearer’s heart rate, according to Peloton.

That helps it track how you are moving, the company said.

The Peloton watch also has an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor that it can use to detect your heartbeat, the device says.

The company says it plans to expand the watch’s capabilities over time, and it says it has received “over 1,000 requests” for more sensors.

Here are the specs: It measures the distance and speed of your heartbeat.