Amazon is working to create a virtual reality platform that will allow people to experience the real world with their virtual assistants.

The company announced the platform with the help of Oculus VR’s CEO Brendan Iribe and former Valve engineer Jeff Kaplan.

The project will be called Virtual Reality for Amazon, and will let users “experience their virtual world as if it were their own.”

It is also designed to allow for “more immersive and natural-looking virtual experiences,” such as “the ability to experience our Amazon experience in a way that doesn’t require a headset.”

While Amazon says it will be able to sell the software for free, it will also have the ability to buy additional titles.

It is not yet clear how much the company will charge for the virtual reality product, or what features will be included.

The platform is a departure from traditional VR.

Virtual reality is often described as a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality.

In a traditional VR environment, you see your environment, but it’s augmented with your own head-mounted display (HMD) that looks like a traditional TV or computer monitor.

In VR, the virtual world is often represented by a headset with your face in it.

This allows you to interact with the virtual environment in a different way, such as using a virtual camera or looking around.

The technology behind the Virtual Reality For Amazon project is called “Virtual Reality for Android,” and is similar to the Amazon Instant Video app.

Iribe, Kaplan and former Google engineer Dan Alper have also worked on the project.

The VR experience is being developed with the aid of “Amazon Cloud Video,” a cloud video service that was created by Google and is used by Amazon.

Virtual Reality will also be a key part of Amazon’s push to “get the most out of mobile,” according to Kaplan.

Virtual experiences can be a “powerful tool for connecting consumers to products, brands, and services,” Kaplan told The Verge.

“The Amazon Virtual Reality experience is a direct extension of that.”

Amazon also said that it will use the technology to improve its mobile experience.

“It will give us even more insight into how people actually use their mobile devices and how they actually use the web and the apps,” Kaplan said.

Kaplan also said the Virtual Virtual Reality project is aimed at helping the company expand its mobile app offerings.

“In our mobile space, we’ve been very good at making sure we do the right thing for our users, so that we get the best mobile experience possible for our customers,” he said.

Iri has also said in the past that Amazon’s mobile app has been “really great” and that the company has “really grown.”

In the past, Iri said that Amazon has spent billions of dollars building out its mobile apps.

However, he also said at the end of the month that he would be retiring from the company.

Irie said he would leave the company when the company reaches a “critical mass” of customers, and he did not disclose exactly how many people he expects Amazon to lose to its mobile push.